Keith Jesperson The American Happy Face Killer

Keith Jesperson The American Happy Face Killer

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Keith Jesperson American Happy Face Killer:Keith Hunter Jesperson (born April 6, 1955, Chilliwack, British Columbia), a Canadian and an serial killer,Who known as the Name of “Happy Face Killer” for the smiley face he drew on his many letters to the media and prosecutors . He first drew the smiley face on the wall of the toilet, where he had left an anonymous confession to the murder Taunja Bennett, it was hundreds of miles from the crime scene. When that did not receive an answer, he began to write letters.
His Child Life:
As a child, Keith Hunter Jesperson was a middle child with two brothers, Bruce and Brad, and two sisters, Sharon and Jill. Keith was separated and treated differently for the whole family. His father, Leslie (Les) Jesperson, Keith charged room and board, $ 30 a week, while his brothers and sisters paid nothing. Keith argued that his father was abusive man who was often drunk. His paternal ancestors and history of violence. Les Jesperson denied that abusive parents, but when studying for his book, Jack Olsen was able to confirm some of the abuses that claimed Keith happened to other family members. Keith torture animals and set fire to homes and wooded terrain. Les Jespersons moved from British Columbia in the United States. In the Village, Washington, Les Jesperson does not fit easily in and make new friends. His brothers did not help him, instead they called him “Igor” and “IG” and got stuck in the name of high school.
Crimes Keith Jesperson:
Jesperson was first arrested in 1995 for the murder of his girlfriend, Julie Ann Winningham, 41, Camas. (“I” Creating a serial killer biographies, written by Jack Olsen) In addition to his conviction for murder in Winningham, Jesperson was convicted of murdering four women in Oregon, California and Wyoming. Although Les Jesperson was in jail in Clark County murder Julie Winningham, he spoke with his lawyer, Thomas Phelan, of other crimes he has committed since Taunja Bennett. [Edit] Keith also admitted a large number of murders that he did not commit. [Citation needed] He was looking for attention from the media, taking credit for many other killings. [Edit] Many of these killings took place when he was a convincing alibi, and he later gave up most of these denominations.

His first known victim Taunja Bennett on January 23, 1990, near Portland, Oregon. [3] all Jesperson killed 8 people in Nebraska, California, Florida, Washington, Oregon and Wyoming, as he was a truck driver at the time he committed these murders. He is serving three consecutive life imprisonment in a prison in Oregon in Salem. In prison he took up painting as a hobby, and sell their work online. In September 2009 he was convicted of murder in Riverside, Calif., and was extradited to California from Oregon to face charges in December.

Laverne Pavlinac read the news about the death of Taunja Bennett and gave false statements to the police. Pavlinac and live in boyfriend John Sosnovske were found guilty of murdering the first victim of Jesperson in February 1991. [4] On November 27, 1995, after serving more than 4 years in prison for crimes they never committed, and Pavlinac Sosnovske were released from prison after Jesperson and his attorney filed a confession to the credible evidence of his guilt. He gave the police the whereabouts of the purse of the victim, which was not covered in detail in the press.

Keith Jesperson The American Happy Face Killer

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